Great Harvest Bread
Lunch at Great Harvest
Maplewood, Missouri

New Sandwich Lunch Meals for 2016
Come in and try our new sandwich lunches, served on Honey Whole Wheat bread (the perfect bread)
 or choose from the breads of the day.

Turkey or Roast Beef Sandwich Lunch (sandwich, Billy Goat Chips & GH Cookie) = $9.00 +tax
(PB&J)  Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich Lunch (Sandwich, Billy Goat Chips & GH Cookie) - $7.50 +tax
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Lunch (Sandwich, Billy Goat Chips & GH Cookie) - $10.00 + tax
(BLT) Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich Lunch (Sandwich, Chips & GH Cookie) - $9.00 + tax
Robbie's New Veggie Sandwich Lunch (Sandwich, Billy Goat Chips & GH Cookies)- $9.00 +tax

(comes with Sandwich, Chips and GH Cookie)

Soup and Slice

Soup and Slice "To Go" 8oz -  $6.50 +tax
Soup and Slice "in house"- 12oz - $7.00 +tax

Sir Charles Pepper Beef Stew- (comes with huge bread slice)  $8.00 +tax
when available

We cater Lunch Boxes and Bag Lunches

Print out our Lunch Catering Ideas Menu here

Great Harvest Lunch Box-  $9.75 (Real Hungry Group)
Choice of Sandwich, local billy goat chips, Giant Great Harvest Cookie

Great Harvest Bag Lunch-  $7.75 (lighter and Healthier Group)
Choice of half Sandwich and a Great Harvest mini cookie

Please call ahead of your event: (314) 991-0049   We need 48 hrs noticeto order meat.
(Turkey, Roast Beef & Veggie only availble for box delivery)

We use one of the three B's when available;
Bolyard's in Maplewood,  Baumann's in Brentwood or Brinkman's 

Great Harvest Bread of Maplewood
We'd love to be in touch with you