Great Harvest Bread

Let us do the work for you! We cater for small and large groups, meetings and events.
We can caterlunch or breakfast for groups of all sizes.
Give us a call to discuss your groups needs, dates and deliver options.  314-991-0049 

Baker's Box-  $40.00  feeds at least 12 people
(4 scones, 4 muffins, 4 cinnamon rolls, 4 giant cookies)

Breakfast Box- $50.00   feeds 20 people
(two cake breads or breakfast breads of the day, 6 cinnamon rolls, 6 scones)

(All products are sweets of the day, Please check bake schedule)

Mini Cookie Box-  $40.00 plus tax,  delivery options available
(4 doz mini cookies of the day)
Call ahead to order, need at least a days notice. Perfect for business meetings or birthday parties.

Lunch Box Catering Menu

We need 48 hrs notice to order meats from Baumann's Fine Meats in Brentwood.
Lunch Box Catering- Delivery options available, a delivery may apply

Farmer's Market Lunch Box-  $9.00 plus tax
(Choice of sandwich below, fresh fruit, carrots sticks, Great Harves Cookie)

Great Harvest Lunch Box-  $9.25 plus tax
(Choice of sandwich below, Great Harvest Giant Cookie, Billy Goat Chips)

Great Harvest Bag Lunch-  $7.75 plus tax
(Choice of sandwich below, Great Harvest Giant Cookie)

Sandwiches Available

"World's Greatest PB & J sandwich" 
(The perfect bread, Honey Whole Wheat Bread with Naturally Nutty's organicpeanut butter and grape jam)

"Miss Lisa's Heavenly Hummus Sandwich"
(Honey Whole Wheat Bread, Heavenly Hummus, Romaine leafs and a big slice of tomato)

Turkey Sandwich
( 3 oz of Baumann's roasted turkey, romaine lettuce, tomatoes)
Mustard and mayo on the side

Roast Beef Sandwich
( 3 oz of Baumann's sliced roast beef, romaine lettuce, tomato)
Mustard and mayo on the side

Additional Offerings

Drinks (bottled water or can soda)  $1.35

Slice of Cheese (Cheddar or Swiss) $.35

Sandwiches also available in mini lunch roll platters (see top picture)
1 doz - $24.00 plus tax
2 doz - $48.00 plus tax
Great Harvest Bread of Maplewood
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