Great Harvest Bread

Great Harvest Bread Co. is a crew of fun-loving bakers, cookie makers and more importantly "people-people".  We work hard and we love what we do. 

Job Openings for 2018

Want to work with us?  Come in and "Wow" us with your customer service skills and we'll find a place on our team for you.   We love people who enjoy working with other poeple or have a passion for our whole grain products.   Come in and taste the difference of whole grain breads.

Apply by coming to the bakery and filling out employment appt

We are currently looking for a early morning production person who loves our bread, highly energetic, strong sense of detail, old school work ethic and likes to get home before noon each day.   "We do more by 9:30am than most people do all day!"
Great Harvest Bread of Maplewood
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